Venture building 

and investment

Our in-house Venture Team’s goal is to build a robust innovation engine by helping health-focused businesses get off to the best possible start. Serving as a trusted partner, we help test assumptions, solve challenges, eliminate barriers and enhance the odds of success.

We also help purposeful businesses realise their scaling ambitions by offering expertise in a number of other areas. These include finance, M&A, international markets, IP, supply chains, scale up leadership and talent management.

At Victoria House, we manage a number of early-stage venture capital funds, allowing us to invest in the most promising ventures graduating from our programmes or based at our sites. Meanwhile, we also deliver a range of initiatives including Pre-Accelerators, Accelerators, Launch, Golden Ticket and Scale Up programmes.

A thriving hive of innovation and collaboration, Victoria House ensures every occupier has everything they need to succeed.
Expert Network

As an entrepreneur, you have to overcome new obstacles at every milestone. What’s more, when you start and grow your business, you won’t have the answer to everything. No one does. That’s why our 250+ strong Expert Network is one of our biggest assets. When you need specific guidance from someone who’s been there before, we can connect you with the right person at the right time.


Victoria House will be the beating heart of London’s thriving Life Sciences sector. Together, we’ll debate industry topics, tackle common challenges, and share best practices. On top of this, we’ll help active investors, big pharma and commercial leaders access the innovation they need.

This is your opportunity to meet up with colleagues, network and unwind in an inspirational setting. So, come and join our strong, vibrant community and enjoy lasting support.

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